Professor Torbert's Orange Corn

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Tasty Ideas for Leftover Grits

By Professor Torbert | May 5, 2022

Some things are even better the second time around Your shrimp and grits from last night’s dinner party were a major success! You’re now left…

Professor Torbert's Orange Corn

What are Carotenoids?

By Professor Torbert | April 25, 2022

Professor Torbert’s corn gets its vivid orange hue from being naturally selected for significantly increased levels of antioxidant pigments called carotenoids.   So what exactly…

Professor Torbert's Orange Corn

Know Your Grits

By Professor Torbert | February 24, 2022

How to Select the Right Type For You Unless you are a southern chef, selecting the right type of grits for your dish may be…

Professor Torbert's Orange Corn

History of Corn

By Professor Torbert | January 25, 2022

Where did corn come from?  Corn, also called maize, is the most widely planted domesticated crop on Earth. While other plants, such as strawberries, have…

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