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Orange Corn Grits

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2 lb bag

The holy grail of grits. Ready in 15 minutes or less, these polenta-grind grits deliver slow-simmered, rich flavor in a fraction of the time. Velvety smooth with a nutty, buttery finish, they work equally well for Southern classics like Shrimp & Grits or traditional Italian polenta. Non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan.

*Processed in a facility that also handles wheat.

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Tastes Good, Does Good – 1% percent of your purchase provides Orange Corn seed to a farmer in Sub-Saharan Africa through our non-profit partner HarvestPlus, empowering them to address malnutrition in their own community.

Delicious – Its easy to see that Professor Torbert’s is not your average corn, but just wait until you taste it! Some say nutty, some say buttery, either way, they all agree that Professor Torbert’s Orange Corn has a rich flavor and creamy texture like no other. So, for grits that your taste buds will celebrate, choose Professor Torbert’s.

Nutritious – Professor Torbert’s orange corn was originally developed to help alleviate malnutrition in Africa. The deep orange color comes from increased levels of carotenoids, which are natural plant pigments that give many fruits and vegetables their yellow or orange color and their well-known health protecting reputations (think carrots!).

Non-GMO – This corn was bred the old-fashioned way. Hand selected year after year for one purpose: to make it the best tasting, most nutritious corn it can be. Now, from seed to table, we do everything we can to preserve the integrity of a product that’s great from the start. That’s why we say it’s “better from the beginning.” Professor Torbert’s Orange Corn Grits are a product produced by NutraMaize LLC.

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200 reviews for Orange Corn Grits

  1. gary

    This is a product for grit lovers. Easy to prepare, creamy, buttery. We know grits from having lived in the South. We order them wherever we can or whenever we can find a Waffle House which is hard to find here in the Midwest. These are absolutely the best we’ve ever prepared at home. Orange grits? Once you’ve had these you’ll expect all grits to be orange. The professor ought to be an honorary Southerner.

  2. Suzan T

    Disclosure….I’m a Yankee and this was my first introduction to Grits.I mostly followed the directions on the package. Used bone broth to get some protein in there, but all else the same. Great texture eaten warm. The chilled, sliced and fried leftovers which was amazing sprinkled with parm. Would buy again.

  3. Licia Bee

    I was at first skeptical because of the color. I grew up on white colored grits. The taste is exactly the same that I love and they are all natural! An added bonus.. no extra ingredients. Perfect for my vegan diet!

  4. Candace

    I’m from the Midwest and I know a little something about grits! These are just phenomenal!! They cooked evenly and quickly and had a nice creamy texture that wasn’t all gloopy. They are really versatile from grits to polenta and let me add as a polenta it holds together perfectly. I will be switching to this brand definitely

  5. C

    Didn’t grow up in the South. Not a grits hater, it’s just never been a high priority within my diet. UNTIL NOW. This stuff is seriously yummy. Insanely easy to cook, and ends up creamy and thick once it’s ready in the pot. My wife and I had it this morning and added some sauteed onions, mushrooms, and garlic, and it was insanely delicious. The natural sweetness of the corn makes this a very versatile dish – we will be cooking more and throwing it into various lunch and dinner bowls. I also love the idea of throwing in a little bit of raspberry jam to make a sweet version, because gosh darnit, I’m worth it. This is an incredibly versatile product – don’t fear carbs, folks. Buy these grits and make breakfast yum again.

  6. Kenny Smith

    Liked everything about them, especially not having to cook them for 45 minutes, put bacon bits and an egg on top.

  7. Jonathan D. Bradley

    Amazingly bland. No matter what amount of salt, sugar, and/or butter I add they are still amazingly flavorless. The grits I used to get in the army chow line n basic training had way more flavor than these. Will not buy again.

  8. Kurt

    This is ground way too fine. Has texture like cornmeal i didn’t like these.

  9. Lester Beasley

    I’ve tried many brands of grits and this is my favorite so far. I made mine with half milk / half water and salt, pepper, and butter. Can’t wait to make some shrimp and grits.

  10. Mary D

    I grew up eating white grits, but switched to yellow for the richer flavor. These orange grits have an even deeper corn flavor and a very creamy texture. I like my grits thick, and these take 15 minutes to reach the perfect consistency for me. A splash of milk in the cooking water at the beginning and a pat of butter at the end round out the corny goodness.

  11. Monica Warden

    These grits were good but shortly after opening I got a moth infestation that seemed to be coming from these grits. Ewww. Had to toss the entire bag

  12. Shawn H

    These grits were smooth and creamy. We added some butter, salt and cheese. So yummy. I’mGoing to be buying bags as Christmas gifts for some of my Southern friends. Thank you for making a healthier version of one of my favorite food items. I’m going to make corn pancakes with it, too.

  13. Anastasia G.

    Tastes good

  14. Claire

    These grits cook up really fast, and are creamy from the get go. They have a wonderful flavor, and are as delicious as the old fashioned grits I make that take me at least an hour to get to this consistency. These grits have a rich, sweet taste that really doesn’t need butter, but butter will make them sinfully delicious. I cook mine with milk, or cream and water. Devine!

  15. Rachael Lea Tate

    Delicious buttery grits! These are so much better than the basic white grits available in the store!

  16. KL

    This stuff is fantastic, tastes great, beautiful color. Makes excellent grits, also been adding to things like pancakes for flavor punch.

  17. Katie L.

    These were very easy to make and taste great! I added a little cream and cheese it was really good!

  18. Kim Widdes

    These were seriously delicious! I’ll be ordering this brand only from now on. Packaging makes it easy to store (zip lock built in) and followed their suggestion of freezing after opening and still super fresh

  19. Rachel Beyer

    I have never written an Amazon review before but Professor Torbert’s Orange Corn Grits were so good, I feel compelled to share some positive feedback. My family first tried eating them fried up with some eggs and bacon. Later, we had them as a porridge with black bean chili and cheddar cheese. These orange grits were a wonderful compliment to both meals– beautiful in color, rich and creamy in flavor, easy to cook! Plus, it is so cool that these grits come from corn that is more nutrient dense!! My family will definitely be ordering this product again!! Thanks so much Professor Torbert & NutraMaize!

  20. T Kuper

    These grits are the most flavorful ones I’ve tried. I eat them every morning for breakfast with two poached eggs on top. They are worth a larger price tag than the ones I find at my local store but I feel like the price point is a little too high.

  21. Speedy53

    I like the taste and they are super creamy. Plus the color is fun . I think they are more yellow than orange but still different from white grits.

  22. Jordan Fairbanks

    I made these pretty much as soon as I received them. The recipe is straightforward, and more importantly, it works. As a professional chef, I find that’s one of the most important things about a staple. If the directions are off, I have to figure out my own recipe and waste all that time figuring it out, and wasting my money if it doesn’t come out right.I simmered mine in a saucepan on top of a cast iron pan over very low heat, but otherwise followed the directions exactly. It was easy, and they came out silky and delicious . A healthy pat of butter, a dash of salt, and a fistful of shredded cheddar cheese is my preferred method, but if you found this product, you probably already know how you like your grits.Overall, this is a great product. A little more expensive than others, but considering the bioenhanced nutrition of the corn, well worth it for the small bump up in price.

  23. Carolyn

    I like the color, delicate flavor and texture. It has a smooth texture that’s soothing to the tummy. I think it would be perfect for young children and those with sensitive stomachs. I’m on my fourth bag and I plan to reorder.

  24. Amanda Thompson

    Tried these grits out for the first time this morning. As a health nut with underaged eaters it is challenging to find food that is both healthy and delicious. They were easy to prepare, tasted absolutely wonderful (added some butter and WOW!). My 8 y/o scraped out every last bite. We will buy again and again and again. What a perfect meal for a cold winter day.

  25. Dan

    My first try… really good… very different from regular grits.Fun orange color, buttery tasting .. without adding butter.Will be ordering more!

  26. Rebecca Higeons

    Very easy to prepare. First time making shrimp and grits and it turned out fabulous!

  27. Doug C

    I wish they tasted as good as they looked. Cooked up well. Almost ground to fine. They also had a strange taste. I grew up in south Georgia and have eaten lots of grits. These tasted more like the Midwestern corn mush my grandmother made. Too some there may not be a difference. Maybe it is just a regional preference.

  28. Amy S.

    These grits are delicious. They have a rich creamy, buttery flavor. Best tasting grits I’ve ever had. But, I do think even as good as they are, the price is a bit steep for corn.

  29. Lisa C. Green

    These are the best grits! Cook up creamy and homey! I will buy them again!

  30. Nathan

    So many ways to make grits and so simple to make. It’s a nice gift for (southern) friends too. Looking forward to orange cornmeal!

  31. Tiffiney Denman

    Torbert’s orange corn grits were all I imagined. They were smooth and the taste was like fresh corn. I never had grits with such a great taste and they were easy to cook! I would recommend

  32. Jeannette C.

    This arrived fresh and as described. It is delicious.

  33. A Mom with Kids and Fur Kids

    I will probably purchase Prof. Torbert’s grits again. The color is great, the flavor is good, and to be honest these are the creamiest grits I remember ever tasting. Therein lays the problem for me. I’m used to grittier grits. It’s just what I was reared with and what I’ve eaten, texture-wise, for decades and decades. Otherwise good.

  34. Blue Mountain Extracts

    I am a huge fan of what Professor Torbert is doing here, and the grits are a ‘level up’ from traditional grits. Knowing that they are using a portion of the profits for HarvestPlus is just icing on the cake. I made shrimp and grits for my first dish, which turned out well. The grits tolerate highly flavored dishes which is another positive. I don’t give 5 stars easily, but these grits deserve it.

  35. Jessie

    got these because my kids like grits and the world is shut down… so I was not going to the store. Turns out, these are pretty tasty and, apparently, good for the planet or something. Give them a go!

  36. Cody Goebel

    made these with some chicken broth and water and they were very creamy and tasty. A nutty flavor that was very interesting.

  37. Randy WHitehead

    I grew up with home grown grits, these are definitely not “your mamas grits”. Very strong taste, may be to your liking, not mine.

  38. blanche moore

    We absolutely love Dr. Tolbert’s orange corn grit’s. We look forward to our creamy bowl of goodness several mornings a week.

  39. redchord11

    These grits are very good. I have been using them as my carb during dinner. They are smooth. Make them with a low sodium stock of your choice to add some flavor. You can also add some cream, butter.. and cheese (a little bit goes a long way) for a decadent version which pairs very well with scallops and shrimp. No matter which way you cook them – if you’re a fan of grits you might as well get the extra nutrients fortified in this orange corn variety. Excellent job Professor Torbert and team!

  40. Gregory George

    Up to now, I’ve always special ordered my grits from a grist mill in Linville, NC …. Their grits are as good as it gets, and they sell grits to 5 star restaurants and chefs; they even ship grits to Antoine’s in New Orleans ….I think I’ve found a new place to get my grits; Professor Torbert’s taste as good as any I’ve had, and the texture is just wonderful …. Plus I like the company’s mission, and if I just have to buy my grits from them, I’m completely on board ….

  41. cookiehha

    This tastes like corn should.

  42. Jeanette

    I love these orange grits! The grains are smaller than the white grits which makes these creamier. They have a grwat flavor most times i just add salt and butter then other times i cook them in a little chicken broth to add a different flavor. You need to keep the bag in the freezer to keep them fresh tasting. I really think these grits are worth trying and thet hace a instagram page look them up!

  43. Kindle Customer

    I’ve made “plain” grits with this wonderful product, and they were delicious, even before adding the butter! But the possibilities are endless… I added a 1/2 cup to my grandmother’s Pilgrim Bread recipe, and is was the perfect crunch. Planning on making polenta, and an orange polenta cake soon. The orange color should just enhance the orange flavor even more. Look for some great recipes at Professor Torb’s Orange Corn Grits Facebook page. Love that this wonderful food can help nourish the world, too!

  44. Jennifer Hodges

    These are great grits, I really enjoyed them, but a bit pricey. I hope they come down in price in the future.

  45. Shawnee Elmore-Pease

    Excellent for polenta. we love it

  46. Anita S.

    I love the texture, and the 1lb pkg keeps it fresh in my pantry. Perfect morning grits. Perfect polenta. Just forever delicious.

  47. Jonesy

    Couldn’t find the quick 5 min grits at my local grocery stores so I decided to try this . The color has zero effect on the taste . I throw salt , butter , and cheese in the grits and they taste just like the grits I grew up with

  48. xLaXome

    You can actually taste the difference! These grits are a more finely ground than store-bought instant grits. Great purchase!

  49. OT

    Delicious grits!!! To make them creamier I used:1 cup water1/2 cup half and half1/2 cup heavy whipping cream1/2 cup gritsThe recipe on the back suggest 1/2 tsp of salt but that made them too salty. I use 1/4 and it’s perfect.

  50. Meika

    The texture of these grits are outstanding and the color makes for a really interesting plate. The texture is fine, very close to the texture of polenta. They have a velvety feel to the mouth and a rich buttery flavor.It’s good to know that my beloved food can and do have nutritional values without being genetically modified.

  51. joseph mulkey

    As grits enthusiasts my husband and I were anticipating something special. But it wasn’t tasty at all. We read reviews expecting nutty, buttery and creamy results; but, it had none of these attractions. We added extra butter and salt to the already thin grits neither helped. I wonder if it is satisfaction guaranteed as it was also pricey.

  52. TL

    Great product with a steep price point. I would not ordinarily pay $14.99 for two-pounds of grits, but in the setting of COVID19 and not being able to find grits at my local supermarket, I decided to take the plunge for my beloved blackened salmon and grits recipe.Definitely a great product, although I’m going to find it cheaper next time!Cheers!

  53. t floyd


  54. Deb Woodward

    Love the orange color! Nutrition and taste are superb!! Try it, you’ll love it.

  55. Alice B. Fisher

    High quality, very good grits

  56. Sincere Customer

    These are the quite simply the best grits I have ever eaten. I eat grits every morning so I should know good grits when I eat them. If they had lips I’d marry them.

  57. Denice

    Easy to make, taste great.

  58. Angela R Calhoun

    Delicious!! Good flavor

  59. Eric Robinson

    Grits must be perfect for my mother-in-law. We try hard to please her because she doesn’t ask for much and is always helping with the kids. Really glad she likes these grits. They are every bit as good as the reviews. Fluffy, slightly sweet with a full bodied flavor that mixes well with anything you might like to add. Great for all ages toddler to granny.

  60. Jason Williams

    I recently received my first bag of Professor Torbert’s Orange Corn Grits. These are not instant grits, but are worth the 10-20 minute wait as they cook on the stove. Torbert’s grits are definitely orange and are full of flavor. I really enjoyed my first bowl and look forward to more.

  61. sheila roberts

    New welcome addition to breakfast,

  62. Larry in Indiana

    This is a good product. The taste is indeed different than standard grits, but I really liked it. My only suggestion would be to add single serving directions on the label.

  63. Stuart Fairchild

    Amazing grits!!! My husband and little girl love them!! Have repurchase them two times now! Def going to be a staple in our breakfast routine

  64. William Lee

    Tastes delicious…

  65. Mason Schoolcraft

    I was a little skeptical at first of orange grits but man was I wrong. I gave them a shot to eat with my shrimp and grits (a hit with the fam) and everyone loved these grits much more than regular yellow ones. The taste is a lot more full and rich- definitely taste more buttery. 10/10 would munch again!! Once you go Orange you never go back

  66. James Madewell

    Like: I love the taste and colorI dislike have to store in the Freezer upon opening.

  67. cb

    The flavor & structure of these grits are so much better than grocery store grits! I didn’t find that they took much longer to cook either.

  68. jen florida

    These grits are more fine than standard grits but absolutely delicious! It has a bright yellow color and rich taste! We love them!

  69. StrghtWhiteMale

    They taste incredible! A dab of grass-fed butter makes it perfect! So creamy and delicious! I get a beta-carotene buzz after eating it!

  70. J mac

    Little more creamery than others but still great good flavor

  71. omabanning


  72. YD

    Flukes happen, but the packaging was unsealed upon arrival. Grits were running free. Not exactly what you want to see for a food item. They might taste good, but we won’t be finding out.

  73. Katie Rocheford

    I’d never made grits before but have now used these for side dishes and the base of a main course. As a self admitted foodee im should’ve been on the grits train years ago. Excellent flavor!

  74. Linda

    These grits are delicious!! Very creamy, good grain texture and cook in about 15 minutes. I love a good rough ground grit, wouldn’t mind one a little bigger grind.

  75. Chris Nguyen

    It took a full 15 minutes for to cook 1 whole cup. These are delicious. Add in some butter and shredded cheddar and you’ve got a banger.

  76. Keith Latimer

    Best shrimp and grits ever!

  77. S. M. Akin

    The beautiful orange color adds to the great flavor of these grits. My wife and I like to make cheesy grits and these are the perfect ones to use. They cook quickly and easily. Just follow the directions on the package. But, what we get a chuckle out of is that the package’s cooking directions says that makes 2 servings. For us, it’s more like 4 servings. We find grits to be about the most filling food you can eat. Because of that, and the price, it’s a great choice of food to seal up and keep on hand in case of TSHTF. I love these grits and will ordering more soon.

  78. CC

    If you like hot cereal or grits, this is the real deal. The texture is like nothing I’ve eaten before. Permanently hooked.

  79. alex

    So good! These grits have so much flavor and are so smooth. New staple in my kitchen. Also they have such a long shelf life they are perfect to keep on hand.

  80. Walter

    Absolutely love them. Living up north its hard to find good southern food.

  81. Janie Maddox

    has no flavor as the packaged had leaked out and I cannot ask for a return

  82. K9saver

    These are good grits but very very fine texture can’t decide if I like it or if is just not what I am used to. Probably make better polenta? Or other grit dishes, shrimp and grits etc. but I just eat them in a bowl alone with butter.

  83. Ardith Dahlstrom

    I am new to grits despite being a foodie for over 50 years. I’ve tried the instant and the slow cooking ones. But these grits are deeelicious! They stand on their own. But my favorite way to serve them is with shrimp. Yummo! Creamy, pretty to look at and tasty. What more could you ask for?

  84. Ric H

    I throw in some butter while it’s about halfway cooked and season to taste with a little salt, mostly garlic. Yummy!

  85. Uncle Woody

    I’m glad I tried them!

  86. PaperTiger

    A real taste of the real South!!

  87. Ryan

    I was so excited to get this after being a Purdue Agronomy graduate student and hearing about the orange corn project from students of Dr. Torbert. I always wanted to try cooking with it but never followed through to try and get some. I was so excited to see it being commercially released and bought a bag right away. The package is nice with a good resealable opening. The corn grits are beautiful and made the best cornbread I’ve had in awhile (maybe ever). With the added benefits of higher carotenoids and antioxidants, whats not to love? Try it!

  88. B. Speer

    Oddly at my old age grits for breakfast now appeal. A little too much hassle to cook compared with instant type. By my taste a little better than instant after adding butter and cheese or ???

  89. BHawk

    This is the best corn grits I have purchased and cooked in the US (I am European born, and we know and love polenta). Perfect texture, great taste and color.

  90. Kim R.

    These were great! Not too coarse so I didnt have to grind first.

  91. Khrystyna R.

    Really liked the taste and consistency. Unfortunately the bag came with a little tear and some of the grits spilled. Other than this, my family enjoyed the quality and the taste.

  92. JBSmedberg

    So far I’ve tried it in cornbread and spoonbread and it works exceptionally well. Really tasty, with more flavor than plain old mass-market cornmeal. And it’s better for you too. Good stuff.

  93. James E

    We add it as a special treat to our ham and egg breakfast on the weekends or other times when we have more time.

  94. Sharon

    These grits are the best! Breakfast, lunch or dinner…mixed with a variety of ingredients or just plain with butter. My favorite recipe is shrimp and grits. Yummy!

  95. Katie Birge

    I bought these grits because I thought they were interesting, and I was planning on making a beef and grits-type meal. They were the most delicious grits I’ve ever had, and I’ll only be buying these from now on. The added benefit of having more vitamin A is just icing on the cake. Yum!

  96. Ellie

    I made shrimp and grits with it, and before I even added in the cheese, the grits had this beautiful orange color. Usually that only happens after adding heaps of cheese to normal grits. Visually, they LOOK better and taste great.Love this product!

  97. Josh K.

    Absolutely the best grits I’ve ever tasted. The quality and texture are truly impressive. Quick and easy to cook.

  98. Amazon Customer

    Really tasty grit

  99. J. Hulbert

    Orange Corn is a unique product, naturally bred for flavor and color. It’s the only thing we use to make grits, polenta, and cornbread. A far superior product than cornmeal made with undifferentiated Midwest corn, this orange corn has a natural sweet buttery flavor that gives makes wonderful polenta or grits without added dairy. The finer ground corn flour is a great ingredient for baking and much more flavorful and nutritious than flour for breading meats or fish.

  100. Maryland Mary

    Easy to cook (those of you who have cooked grits the old-fashioned way know it is challenging. Made these in microwave in a jiffy & they were perfect. Then made cheese baked grit cakes in a cast iton skillet. Absolutely delicious flavor! And a real bonus to be supporting a humanitarian effort. Wish there was a way to insert a picture in this review.

  101. Angela Shikany

    I hesitated a bit at the price but I really like the idea of orange instead of white grits. I make these in a non stick skillet instead of a saucepan. I add no butter, a little salt, and they are wonderfully creamy and delicious. All the adult vegans in our family are now on a mission to try these. Cause we love our grits and two of us are whole food plant based oil free. Being able to make this without added fat is a great thing.

  102. Pépé

    Good taste and texture as described.

  103. Ping

    We do not drink that much milk but we are porridge lovers for breakfast. Compared to the cereal we normally buy, these corn grits make better looking porridge; and it also tastes better. Most importantly, it is more nutritious!

  104. SM

    Item was not sealed. Trying to have a new one sent however there is no option available ?

  105. nonocooks

    It’s been a month since I bought two bags of Professor Torbert’s Orange Corn Grits and I have cooked a number of different things – all turned out exceptionally well! But for starters, just the grits alone are more than worth it! Delicious!!

  106. Andrea Renee

    These are quality grits! I don’t use instant grits so I’m always shopping for quality ingredients

  107. Rich

    This was the first time that I ever had yellow corn grits. Excellent taste great consistency and a good value for the money. Our use the stove top cook method and they came out perfect the first time!

  108. Macemaster

    Excellent flavor in a slow cooked grit highly recommend

  109. Ivoshandar

    An exceptional product! Delicious buttery goodness with a hint of nuts. I pick up the butter notes just by smelling the ground corn, let alone eating it. Beautiful color. I noticed that while cooking on a very low gas flame, the grits do not seem to clump together as dense as other ground corn products I’ve tried over the years (maybe it has a higher oil content). I will be a return customer! Thanks!

  110. sha

    These grits were sooo good we purchased again! Watery, bland white grits don’t come close to these. LOVE the fact they are non-gmo too!!

  111. Paul

    These are awesome. To me the key to really good grits is the texture and these came out as good as any I’ve ever had, creamy and smooth and not that gritty texture you get with a bad grind. And their flavor is outstanding. Throw in the nutrient density and these are defiantly my new staple grits. Thanks professor!

  112. Lizardking84

    Very tasty and healthy grits, I can tell they are much more nutritious then the highly processed grits.I love them with real maple syrup.

  113. theReginator

    WOW. Just wow. If you like grits, BUY THESE

  114. Jenna

    Not being from the South, I haven’t eaten a lot of grits in my life but Prof Torbs Orange Grits are now a staple in our kitchen! Great for replacing rice or potatoes or any other carb as a side dish, perfect for coating fish, scallops and other seafood for a delicious New England meal, and the experimentation continues! Sooooo happy I have found this delicious and healthy food. Thanks Prof Torb! And, Evan!

  115. Marilee

    I have no idea what sheerness means in the rating area above. I have taken some for my neighbor to cook since they are so flavorful!

  116. Johnnyohio

    Great product texture and flavor.

  117. Sherry H.

    very fine grind, more like polenta … good flavor

  118. JD Sanders

    These grits were the creamiest and best tasting I have ever had. Could not recommend them higher.

  119. Cilla Tyler

    I have been using this as I would regular cornmeal and will never go back. The grain in not as fine as cornmeal which is a plus in my opinion. It makes perfect grits (yum), great cornbread and muffins. I will definitely reorder.

  120. LM2010

    This is an update to my precious review: I have found these to be MUCH better if you treat them like quick grits, I.e. five minute cook time. The texture is much better, and they do have a nice flavor.*Previous review* For the record, I’m a Southern girl, and I like grits. When these popped up as a suggestion, I read the reviews and loved the idea of grits with actual nutritional value. With a cook time of 10-20 minutes, I was expecting something approximating texture, but that was not the case. Flavor-wise, they don’t really taste like anything, and texture-wise, they’re not-existant. Won’t buy again.

  121. Tesa Fisher

    I’ve purchased these grits twice now & my family is ADDICTED. My husband had never had grits before…so I made these for him…I only make grits with chicken stock…not water…well, my husband couldn’t believe how good they were. This orange corn is incredibly flavorful, with the added benefit of having more nutritional value…and non-gmo. This product is now a staple pantry ingredient in our house. You won’t be sorry…buy them. ?

  122. Zllvs

    This is my perfect choice for yellow grits when I want to make some Haitian dishes, like may moulin ak aranso or just simply grits with a side of fresh avocados. The quality is excellent. The taste is as if I had just grinded them. Very fresh.

  123. Kendra

    These were so good. Nice and creamy. I am very appreciative of the resealable bag also. I will definitely buy again.

  124. ¡Michael C Spears!

    Butter. Cheese. Salt. With bacon on the daily. Delicious delicious grits. Glory!

  125. CBK

    We’ve become addicted to making GF pancakes at our house and these corn grits were the perfect addition! Coarse grind made them super hearty, flavor was aromatic and yellow/ orangish color was delightful! We will be sure to purchase again and try them according to serving suggestion…

  126. BA Michael

    Probably the best grits we’ve ever had. I usually add cheese to regular grits to augment the flavor. But, these are terrific as is, or with a bit of butter.

  127. Conshetta

    These grits were delicious! They have a creamy texture and great flavor. Don’t get thrown off by the orange color. Although they were a bit pricey, I will definitely buy them again. These grits will definitely be part of our breakfast table!

  128. Pamela J Rickel

    So flavorful! I made shrimp & grits with these. The grits by themselves were amazing! Definitely purchasing again.

  129. Elle

    I bought 2 different types of grits on Amazon for a variety I can’t find in store. I tried the Stone Ground speckled yellow and white Geechie Boy stone ground grits first (5 star), and because Professor Torbert’s were so highly reviewed and rated, I tried these. These don’t seem stone ground and are not coarse at all. If I had to describe them, I would say they taste like if I were to boil some fine yellow cornmeal, this is what I would end up with. I tried adding broth and heavy cream, adding cheese, nothing really helped. I won’t be purchasing again. They’re too expensive to be less than basic Quaker grits.

  130. Amazon Customer

    I loved the warm rich color of the corn, and the added nutritional value. We made delicious creamy grits with shaved Parmesan on top. It was a hit for dinner with grilled asparagus and ceviche.

  131. L Watson

    Great product. Yum Yum,

  132. Justicia

    I love these grits. I’ve never eaten yellow grits before. Pleasantly surprised.

  133. John

    Excellent tasting grits. Love the vibrant orange color

  134. Small Cats

    Taste great. Easy to make.

  135. Amazon Customer

    Not what I expected. Not orange as I expected. No difference in taste from mush.

  136. Laurie Wilson

    Very delicious!!!

  137. Vedia Carmichael

    Love the creamy grits! Delicious flavor and taste!

  138. mb

    Great flavor and super simple to prepare!

  139. Amazon Customer

    I’ve known Professor Torbert & Evan a couple of years now and followed the development of their company NutraMaize. Before I get to the product review, I encourage all to do a little research about the development of the corn used for this product.According to a Forbes article: “As many as 500,000 children in the developing world go blind every year because they don’t get enough vitamin A, according to the World Health Organization. Even more alarming, half of those children typically die within a year of going blind. If stocks of white or yellow corn could be replaced with orange-colored varieties, it could go a long way toward preventing many of those deaths.”Professor Torbert’s research could quite literally impact tens of millions in the developing world.Now to the grits.My daddy grew up in New Orleans. He was proud of his son, but I did disappoint him in two ways. I never loved raw oysters or grits. Even when used as a butter and cream delivery system I hate grits. His soul must be resting a bit more peacefully knowing that last night I became a grits lover.Professor Torbert’s Orange Corn Grits are truly different. No need for cream, butter or anything else – they are fantastic. These are so good and so different, you will have made a huge mistake if you don’t just click the “add to my cart button” and begin enjoying for yourself.Thanks Torbert & Evan! I’m looking forward to orange popcorn and more!

  140. CeeZeeKeith

    Full disclosure: I’m a Maize Girl and a Food Nerd from way back, through and through. I’ve lived in NC and had enough grits from Mama Dips, and am a Southern Season junkie. These are the best grits I’ve ever had, in my life. The smooth and creamy texture when cooked is a must. But the flavor… it really tastes like corn – NOT the corn you get that’s been sitting in the bin at Hannafords or Food Lion for 3 days. I was taught that if you want to experience corn, get folks at the table, lightly boil some water, and when everyone is sitting down you go out to the field, pick the corn, shuck it while you’re walking back, wave it over the water for a minute then slap it on the table. THAT’s what this tastes like. I highly recommend cooking it exactly as it says the first time you enjoy it – salted water, a couple pats of butter. That’s when you taste the real corn flavor. Subsequently, of course, I’m slapping Cajun spice into the mix; Pesto, ham hocks, greens….. sublime. Thanks, Torbert!

  141. Ilg

    This is truly a unique and beautiful product. I am accustomed to looking toward vegetables and fruits for colors this beautiful, but these grits cook up to a gorgeous deep yellow- light orange color, very similar to the way saffron rice looks. The color is also quite similar to yellow peppers. In addition, I am also more accustomed to finding carotenoids and therefore pro-vitamin A in fruits and vegetables; but here is a grain that is full of pro-vitamin A. Maize is at the heart of both sustenance and spirituality in Mesoamerica and is also a central figure in our midwestern agriculture. The fact that Professor Torbert bred this maize to have high levels of pro-vitamin A carotenoids extends the already remarkable value of this plant, connecting to both its long history in the Americas and its modern value for health. I loved the product and look forward to enjoying more of it. Congratulations to Professor Torbert on using the tools of conventional plant breeding to develop such a unique and nutritious new food!

  142. Redfour5

    Nope, taste is bland, doesn’t do it for me. It might for you… Back to Quaker Oats for me…

  143. Robert I. Klein

    Not flavor I had hoped for

  144. irvin inigo

    this is my new favorite brand for grits!

  145. J.Kitten

    Love it! It’s so hard to find an organic, Non GMO brand of grits that’s creamy and doesn’t take a long time to cook. These were perfect.

  146. Thomas J. Williams

    Good quality grits that cook exactly how I expect them to. Would buy again

  147. Isabella

    OMG! Best grits I’ve ever had.

  148. Morgan

    Best grits ever. Great texture great flavor great color.

  149. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely fresh and delicious, would definitely buy again!

  150. TerriJ

    Not only are these grits delicious, but they taste amazing! They are so full of flavor you want to go back for seconds! But the greatest thing about them is they are truly corn :o) Non GMO, yay!! Do not hesitate to try these is you are wanting some good, old fashioned tasting, southern grits! I have re-ordered and will continue to do so as long as they are offered!

  151. Amazon Customer

    Grits have become a staple in my kitchen since first moving to Atlanta in 1995. Over the years, I’ve tried a variety of options and just recently came across Professor Torbert’s Orange Grits. After making a few batches, I can’t imagine ordering any other grits. They are consistently creamy, nutty flavored, and super simple to make. They make a great breakfast and dinner side item. Even better is how nutritious they are. Best grits I’ve ever bought.

  152. KWash

    Cooks excellent, very creamy even without the use of any milk. I’d prefer a stronger/fuller corn taste though, like the good old-fashioned grits.

  153. Todd Rocheford

    Wow! These are the best grits I have ever had and I’m a serious contisure of grits. The color is so vibrant & the flavor is the greatest I have ever tasted in my 31 years of semi professional grit eating. Treat yourself to the incredible flavor of toberts orange corn grits.

  154. LoreN

    I never really liked grits. Grits were usually completely lacking in flavor. It was only edible if I put a lot of butter or cheese on it.Orange grits are completely different and really tasty.I saw Professor Torbert’s Orange grits being offered on my online food ordering service. The description of the health benefits was the decision maker. I was pleasant!y surprised to find that they were smooth, and needed no more than salt and a small dab of butter to be delicious. I now have a bowl of orange grits every morning for breakfast.

  155. Bushmaster 6

    These were the best grits I have ever eaten. I’m generally not a fan of grits, but I loved these grits. I got them after a friend of mine recommended them. This company has a mission to help people in underdeveloped countries achieve better health through nutrition so I thought I’d give them a try. Great mission and great taste. I didn’t even add butter. My wife liked them too.

  156. Gale

    I just love these grits. They are so easy to prepare in the microwave, and always come out smooth and tasting great. I keep my bag inn the freezer so there is no chance of it ever becoming stale of pest ridden.

  157. MAIncAJM

    I decided to try a non-name brand, instead of the usual. SO GLAD I did. Professor Torbert’s will be a staple in my home now. Flavorful and with a gorgeous color. Definitely purchasing again!

  158. Jen

    Creamy and delicious

  159. Annushka

    Tasty and attractive to all three of us family members here. Also nutritious, which is very important to me! 😀

  160. Amazon Customer

    Wonderful taste. Preparation is wonderfully easy. Very smooth texture.

  161. Dulcinea16

    For those who AREN’T from the southern parts of the US and don’t know such things, grits aren’t all “just grits”. Their texture, flavor, and color vary widely depending on the type of corn they’re made from, how it’s stored before being processed, how it’s ground, and other factors.I’ve known about and used yellow stoneground grits for years, but had never heard of “orange corn” grits until I stumbled on these while searching for my usual brand. Since it wasn’t available then, I decided I’d give these a try. They’re good enough – not the best I’ve ever had, but definitely better than ordinary white grits. The corn they came from may have been “orange” (and IDK about that, never having seen orange corn), but the grits definitely are not. They look just like all the other “yellow” grits I’ve used through the years. But I don’t really care what color they’re called; they cook up well in the microwave (for when I’m in a hurry), have a nice, slightly buttery taste, are “medium” ground (meaning not requiring an overly long cooking time), and make perfect cheese grits (my favorite) as well as a great polenta. They’re NON-GMO – the only kind I’ll buy – and come in an eco-friendly, “cutesy farmer”, resealable package.I’ll probably buy them again at some point (when I can’t find my favorite brand), and would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to try REAL grits at a reasonable price.

  162. JizzbombMcGee

    Does not have the classic taste, it is different. You might like it, but I’m on the fence.

  163. KC

    Healthy fine ground corn with a great taste. These are easy to digest because the corn is ground fine. I will buy more.

  164. Amanda Leigh Espitia

    They are delicious and easy to make. I highly recommend them!

  165. Jade Olivia Perere

    Delicious! My 4 year old 2 year old and 1 year old couldn’t get enough. My husband also loved it! I will definitely be buying this again.

  166. Jane Ann Day

    Love these grits! My husband who isn’t a big grits fan, even loves them. Sent some to my son who makes a relish shrimp and grits.

  167. Amazon Customer

    made low country shrimp and grits, all good

  168. FXE

    Cooks well in Wolfgang Puck rice cooker Great grits in. 25 minutes

  169. Deb S.

    Ordered for my husband. He loves grits in the morning but doesn’t want to wait a long time for them to cook. These grits take maybe 15-20 minutes and are full of flavor!!

  170. Keish

    My kids are picky eaters, normally I’m the only one who eats grits. I made these and my kids not only ate them but warned them up and ate the rest later. People who know us know my kids refuse leftovers.

  171. Brian Carlson

    I am a grits “rookie”. I just spent several weeks in the South and really enjoyed the grits. When we returned home I ordered these and they are amazing. I live at 8000’ and they cooked in about 7 minutes. Great on their own but I’ll be experimenting with add-ins too.

  172. Richard Smith

    Delicious! I add butter or butter and Velveeta – YUMM! These really are “special” grit but they also taste good and they are good for you! I’ll be buying more!

  173. Shawn D.

    Professor Torbert’s Organge Corn Grits were amazing. As a southerner and self proclaimed Grits king, I have not tasted better Grits. The corn was rich with flavor and a hint of nuttiness! The corn is so rich with nutrients that these Grits fill you up twice as fast! I highly recommend Professor Torbert’s Orange Corn Grits, you will not be disappointed!

  174. Jenna

    These are hands down the best grits I’ve ever had and I’m from the south! They are a bit pricey for grits, but I am okay with paying more for great quality. I will continue to purchase these delicious orange grits!

  175. J

    Came on time a d tasted great

  176. Amazon Customer

    I made grits and eggs this morning. No butter! Delicious.

  177. BobAStacy

    … he “better” taste is not worth the cost. I have eaten grits all of my 75 years on earth.

  178. Amazon Customer

    I can not give a review for theses grits. The bag can damaged and I was forced to throw it out upon arrival. I am hoping this order comes to me in an acceptable (unopened) form and I can actually try them this time.


    Easy to cook and looks and tastes great.

  180. Amazon Customer

    Really, there is nothing to complain about these grits. They are quite nice, although the flavor on the buttery/nutty side is quite subtle. They are steel ground, into a meal that cooks up uniformly into either grits or polenta. I can see the steel cut option for the international market. If the Prof’s intent is to supply the international market. Steel cut grains have a far longer shelf life. However, for the US market, it might be a good thing to stone grind some.

  181. Marz

    These Orange Grits are very tasty. We normally like white grits, but decided to try these orange grits just because we had not seen them before and were having a hard time finding our regular white grits in the grocery store. They were very tasty…creamier than our regular white grits and cornier tasting. We liked them.

  182. Katherine Edwards

    Order these because my regular brand was out of stock. I probably will not order again.

  183. Leo Bevon

    I like the deep yellow color of this corn grits. It cooks smoothly and is very tasty

  184. John Robson

    Just ordered second bag. Very good flavor and creamy. These aren’t the instant grits you get in the grocery store so make sure you cook the long enough. I add butter and cheese.

  185. doug pond

    Don’t be confused by the grits terminology. In reality, it is really good course-ground cornmeal that can be used in all sorts of recipes… I made a couple of simple ‘Hoosier’ standards (mush and fried mush) and all went well so I am graduating to more complicated (for me) things like cornbread and some polenta-oriented recipes. I’ll keep you posted…!

  186. Dhoffer

    How about 20 STARS I could not find yellow grits I. Walmart’s, Winn-Dixie or Publix except instant (yuk) I saw the Professors & took a chance we love it the dog looked at us as if to saw “more please” oh yessss I add 4 slices of Velveta cheese put bacon on top oh my goodness Thank the Professor for us

  187. 2Nirvana

    I’ve been looking for a long time. I am enjoying so much.

  188. Jwb

    Before buying Professor Torbert’s grits, I only used regular instant grits. These grits are super creamy and far superior from store brand grits. They take a little longer than instant grits, but they are worth the wait. I won’t go back to store-bought grits and will continue buying Professor Torbert’s. 10/10 everyone should try these grits!

  189. Anonymous

    These are delicious. I cook them with a mix of milk and water and serve with butter. I also put them in an anadama bread. The flavor is rich and full.

  190. Miranda

    THESE GRITS ARE SO GREAT, I’M WRITING THE REVIEW ALL IN CAPS!!! Honestly, I haven’t a single regret in trying these fabulous grits at all. Smooth, flavorful, and quick to cook, the grits made a pot that tasted exactly like the old Texan grits I’ve eaten as a child. Most store-bought grits are either too fine or too coarse, but like Goldilocks’ perfect bowl of porridge (it utterly should have been grits), this grits were absolutely perfect. Rich in color and more flavorful than the average white corn grits that I use, the grits cooked up within roughly five minutes and perfumed the air with a memorable aroma. Never before had I cooked a bowl of grits so piquant, and never had a grit gone so far to mime those I ate as a child. These grits were so smooth straight from the pot and had a mellow and lightly nutty flavor, so tasty and rich that I didn’t need to add enormous dashes of salt. A pat of butter was all it needed to be perfect, and the grits doubled as well to become a cornmeal in which I could make corn bread, corn-pone, and Chinese style corn cakes (with these fellows, my old white grits made them fall apart). Mixing and baking evenly, these grits were perfect all around my kitchen and are now going to be my go-to grit. This product is a game changer, and I don’t think I’ll be buying anything else. Seriously. They’re that fantastic. Yuuuuum!

  191. Henry Spencer

    I prefer more coarsely ground grits, and while they are described as medium grind, they are the finest ground of the different small mill brands I’ve tried. That said, they do taste good, and have very little hull.

  192. L. Harmon

    I made regular grits, adding salt and pepper and butter. They cooked up the creamiest and the best tasting grits I’ve ever had. The leftovers were refrigerated and sliced and fried. That too, was fantastic.

  193. Kecko Jones

    These grits are great. Fantastic texture and flavor and they look beautiful as well. Can’t wait to have them again.

  194. Rusty

    My family liked them. I appreciated the extra nutrition. Will buy again.

  195. l


  196. Mitchell

    Decent grits but the flavor is a little disappointing. Not a strong traditional corn flavor and a little bitter aftertaste.

  197. Prime Customer

    Very tasty corn product!

  198. W. K. Clark

    Great grits. Best I have ever prepared.

  199. Amazon Customer

    Taste was very bitter and like it had dye.

  200. chad hodge

    By far the best grits I have enjoyed in recent memory, delicate, creamy, and full of delicious flavor. Will definitely purchase again.

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