Professor Torbert's Orange Corn

Orange Corn Meal 24 oz


24 oz. bag

Corn meal is the switch hitter of this lineup. This versatile pantry staple makes delectable cornbread, corn muffins, pancakes, pizza crust, breadings and fry batters or even polenta in a pinch. Non-GMO, gluten-free*, and vegan.

*Processed in a facility that also handles wheat.

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Tastes Good, Does Good – 1% percent of your purchase provides Orange Corn seed to a farmer in Sub-Saharan Africa through our non-profit partner HarvestPlus, empowering them to address malnutrition in their own community.

Versatile – Orange Corn Meal adds a delightful color & flavor to fry batters, cornbread, corn muffins, corn cakes or any other recipe that calls for corn flour.

Gluten Free – Orange Corn is naturally gluten free, however, our corn is processed in a facility that also handles wheat.

Corn Bread – Substitute Orange Corn Meal 1:1 in your favorite corn bread recipe for a richer flavor and deeper color. For gluten free or traditional southern corn bread made with 100% corn, we recommend combining with our Orange Corn flour.

Delicious – It’s easy to see that Professor Torbert’s is not your average corn, but just wait until you taste it! Some say nutty, some say buttery, either way, they all agree Professor Torbert’s Orange Corn has a rich flavor and creamy texture like no other.

Nutritious – Professor Torbert originally developed his Orange Corn to help alleviate malnutrition in Africa. The deep orange color comes from increased levels of carotenoids, the same kind of natural antioxidant pigments that give carrots their orange color and nourishing reputation.

Non-GMO –  This corn was bred the old-fashioned way. Hand selected year after year for one purpose: to make it the best tasting, most nutritious corn it can be.

American Made – Professor Torbert’s Orange Corn is grown and milled right here in the United States.

Family Owned –  Professor Torbert’s Orange Corn is produced by NutraMaize LLC, a family-owned company cofounded by Professor Torbert and his son

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